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Outsource Graphic Design Services

We at Aaradhana Technology Solutions believe that quality happens not by accident but by investing the elements like high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. Our company is known for the impeccable versatility that for 15 years our professionals have been catering to fulfill the requirements of various creative design companies, marketing firms, and publishing agencies, and global printing companies.

Outsourcing Artwork Services In India

Our proficient team of the outsource artwork services department creates designs and set formats before the final product is sent for printing. Our skilled team makes the content come alive using the latest graphics and illustrations. All kinds of complex graphs and line-art can be handled by our experts in the most professional way possible. All aspects of the design process that starts from an initial concept to final production are handled by the artwork department of Aaradhana Technology Solutions. As our projects have a cost that is based on the type of order, we try to accommodate a variety of clients with various budgets. Below is a list of the Outsource Artwork Services provided by our company?

Artwork Services India

We create vector files from a jpeg or bitmap source and convert them to match the industry-standard vector file formats like Illustrator and Corel Draw. We revel against others in creating and converting images, logos, texts, and another complex bitmap into vector art formats. Our conversion of raster images to vector formats is also a highly sought-after service by many clients.

Artwork Services International

The escalating needs of this digital world demand elements of hard work, creativity, and expertise to be conglomerated for rolling out the best logo digitization techniques. Our team’s dedicated efforts make the conversion of any artwork to an embroidery machine-readable digitized format. We helped many clients to get their digitized artwork done in any digitizing file format. outsource artwork services

Vector Artwork Services

As giving priority to uniqueness and authenticity is our main goal, we create virtual samples in the best way possible. Just placing a logo on any product does not get the work completed. We take into consideration imprint rules, color rules, location rules, and final image quality too. We look out for perfection with every virtual sample and this is what makes a much sought-after company for artwork services by many companies. Outsource Artwork Services

Medical Artwork

Our team helps to create the best product templates as every product added to the client’s portfolio needs a special process of cleaning the photograph of the product or optimizing the image for using it on the web. That is why we are experts at the factorization of complicated artwork and the creation of complex designs from client’s sketches or reference materials. outsource artwork services

Other than the ones mentioned above, we also offer

Editing and cleaning of fonts to avoid any problems at the printer’s end.

We set up the image/document in the format that is acceptable by color printers

Inclusion of crop marks in an image/document to show the position of a bleed and the necessary trimming needed in the document

Keeping a constant check on the image resolution

Making the noise of slow shutter speed remain absent from an image along with high sensitivity modes or photos captured in low light.

Sharpening the images to improve the contrast to make the edges of the image appears better.

Steps of Artwork

Aaradhana Technology Solutions follow a 5 step artwork service so that we achieve customer satisfaction at the end of each project. The steps are:

Uploading files to the secure FTP server

Our designers then download the files and work on them

The third stage has the files sent to the artwork professionals for a final review.

The artwork team does a thorough quality check of the designs and makes them print-ready with all the necessary settings needed in them.

After the files are all ready, they can be downloaded from the FTP server and reviewed too

Artwork Services

Our artwork team has extensive knowledge in the concerned department as they can proficiently work with the latest designs and DTP software on MAC and Windows. They discuss the project with the designers and other department mates who are concerned with the entire process of the artwork. Outsource Artwork Services

Digitizing Children’s Artwork

As we are an ISO 9001:2015 company, we perform audits that help us to judge the level of compliance of every project that we finish working on. All our team members follow the necessary guidelines needed for the perfect implementation of the projects. Performing multiple quality checks is what we aim for as we believe in a complete flaw-free end product for our client. Outsource

Artwork Services

Aaradhana Technology Solutions use FTP to upload and download files so that data security can be highly ensured. Maintaining backups for all files is also an essential function carries by the concerned department to avoid any hassle in the future.

Free Trial

To gauge and then necessarily maximize the team’s performance, we offer free trials. Even looking for an outsourcing partner can be met with the necessary expectations with our free trial as this will also help the client to assess our performance before outsourcing the services.

Swift Turnaround

We assure every client that their assigned projects on us are seen as a responsibility and we give equal priority to all clients’ projects. We usually take 24 hours for our artwork services which may be subject to change based on the size, scope, and complexity of the project. Outsource Artwork Services

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing structure has been designed to suit the budget of every client. This is why we have our pricing set on an hourly and project basis. A full-time equivalent option is also made available to all clients. outsource artwork services

To add an incredible accompaniment to the client’s brilliant content, Aaradhana Technology Solutions offer the best of artwork services by handling every aspect of the designing process extremely professionally to churn out optimum results for our valuable clients.

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